”Preferably I become a traveling storyteller.”

De Stentor (12-6-2018) I talked about my work and dreams.
The article in English:

Denise Beekman (25) Educator in Theater, prefers to create theaterplays in the outside air.
As the originally from The Hague Denise is studying for Educator in Theater, yet she doesn’t really see herself standing behind a desk. ”Too many systems in secondary education where you get into, I don’t really feel like it at the moment.” With her final exam production MOMO, based on the child’s book of Michael Ende, Beekman shows the grey, busy world of adults behind screens and smartphones. Her message: don’t forget who you are. That adage she also puts into practice herself. ”As a child i wanted to perform, and still I have a big heart for that. I wouldn’t know what else I should do.” Her aversion against too tight systems in life she reflects in the form of her work. In her final exam work she hits the streets of Zwolle together with the audience, far away from the red theaterseats. An example of Nomadic Theater, that searches for the boundaries of Theater and is playing with the surroundings, says Beekman. ”Preferably I become a travelling storyteller, on streettheaterfestivals in Europe. I can see a big bus in front of me, filled with material like costumes and sewing machines. On the road and then just stopping somewhere, to tell beautiful stories that deeply move people. But first – I need a good holiday.”
The theaterplay MOMO performed in the weekend of 26/27 may together with all the other graduating Theatermakers in Zwolle.

”As a child I wanted to be an artist, and still acting is the thing I love doing the most. Preferably I become a traveling storyteller.”

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